We operate primarily at a level where sponsorship is a strategic decision, designed to deliver a significant business contribution. Surprisingly, even in the case of major investment, many businesses fail to approach the decision to sponsor strategically. Redmandarin helps companies align sponsorship strategy with corporate objectives, and to integrate multiple objectives into a clear and coherent strategy which encourages focused investment and measurable outcome. In other words, we help businesses base their sponsorship involvement around the delivery of a clear ROI. Our commercial experience includes – but is not limited to – retail, service industries, financial, telecoms, automotive, FMCG.

For global brands, it can be a very real challenge to maintain a clear sponsorship strategy across multiple territories. It’s often a very fine line between undermining the role and value of individual markets, and allowing local interpretation to skew brand messaging or erode headline objectives. Redmandarin has extensive expertise in managing the dynamics of global reviews of this scale and nature, including :

  • creating global strategies which allow local flexibility
  • building internal, international concensus around a revised proposition
  • systems and processes for property review across multiple territories
  • where necessary, exit strategy formulation and renegotiation