If you’re not happy with what you’re getting from your sponsorship research, talk to us.

We’ve sat in meeting after meeting where endless results are fed back by agencies with no direct experience of sponsorship, as much understanding of marketing as a 3rd year school student – and so out of their depth that anything other than upbeat is just … too risky.

If you’re nodding, you’ll like us.

We’re different. We’re a strategy business that understands both research and marketing.

We very rarely do fieldwork, panels or groups, we just help our clients, and other agencies, do them better. We rewrite questionnaires, we co-ordinate findings, we recut and re-examine data, we help establish a shared understanding between sponsorship, marketing, research and the CFO.

But good evaluation starts with good clients.

Good clients want to understand why something worked, so they can out-perform their successes, not merely repeat them. Good clients have the confidence to know it’s also better to understand why things go wrong. Good clients don’t just want to justify their existence, they want to engage with their business and prove sponsorship is an asset and not a liability.

So if you think you and your business deserve better,and if you as a sponsorship professional have an appetite to stretch and be stretched, give us a call – we like good clients.