Our Thinking

Our Thinking contains editorial by the Redmandarin team reflecting areas of sponsorship we feel most strongly about.

The Red Thread, our monthly stimulus piece on the issues that are figural for us at that time. The phrase originates from Goethe but we purloined it from Interbrand – it refers to the guiding brand principle which runs through all good sponsorship strategy and delivery. We’re currently at nearly 1,000 subscribers: if you’d like to subscribe, simply¬†click here¬†and complete your details.

Sector papers: whilst every client is different, sectors share common characteristics and display common challenges. Our sector papers look at a sector and examine these challenges and the role that sponsorship can play in addressing them.

Our In the Media section shows where we have been featured in mainstream consumer and industry media Redmandarin thinking is intended to provoke and inspire others to consider how sponsorship can work for you, the roles it could play for your organisation, how it can deliver on both your business and campaign objectives, and equally important – manifestations where it doesn’t work.

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