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cost benefit

Why Redmandarin?


The sponsorship industry consists mainly of sales and activation agencies. Their business models are largely based on 10 – 30% of client spend. The more you spend, the more they earn.


Our business model is based on your success.  We would prefer our clients not to spend money, than to waste it. Our services make your investment work harder. We reduce wastage. We guarantee accountability.

Why Redmandarin for China?


In the 1990s, it was dotcoms. In the early 2000s, it was online gaming. Since 2010, China is seen as the cash cow of global sport and entertainment.


In partnership with Pico, our role is to help Chinese businesses to use sponsorship to expand internationally as intelligently and profitably as possible. In practice, this means we work hard to align sponsorship with your actual business plans and ambitions, and ensure your investment delivers measurable commercial value.

global sponsorship spend

Why Redmandarin and procurement?


Having spent 20 years looking for efficiencies and effectiveness and having developed probably the most comprehensive range of analytical tools to understand the attitudinal and behavioural impact of sponsorship on target audiences, we’re a natural partner for procurement teams.


But more importantly, because we’ve been there, in sponsorship. We know the challenges it offers, and the value it can bring. So our perspective is not reductive, it’s about collaboration with sponsorship to make things work better.

Why not Redmandarin?


If you want someone to spin you a strategy based on beacons, voice-enabled, IOT, OTT, 5G, AI or QR, don’t come to us. We build intelligent backbones, not jazz hands.

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