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Data-led decision-making has always been our mantra.

From the earliest days of Redmandarin, we integrated TGI, media and sales channel data, brand metrics with consumer insight and bespoke evaluation to generate commercially effective strategies and solutions.


Nowadays, clients have more data, they share more data and data analysis has a larger role to play.

But the challenge is still to find analytic support which cuts through the intrinsic challenges of sponsorship measurement.


And too often, decisions are still made on poor information, or the wrong information or data commissioned by the rights-holder to demonstrate the strengths of their sponsorship.


Data analytics continue to underpin our strategy and planning – and over time we have developed more tools and approaches to support key decisions. We hellp clients to collect, identify and analyse data from inside and outside of the business to provide relevant and useful intelligence.


Unique tools include Sponsorship TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis, Lifestage and Touchpoint analysis, our Sponsorship Targeting Model and ROI Modelling.


Our modelling and analysis lead to clear Yes/No investment decisions.