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sponsorship zen

It tickles us at Redmandarin that the IOC now has 11 TOP partners.

Brands and rights-holders often perpetuate a false correlation between sponsor numbers and clutter, and talk about sponsor clutter as though it’s an issue – and yet the IOC’s elegant solution is simply zen: de-clutter. Certainly, there is a limit to the number of partners that any property will sustain, but the limit itself depends on a number of factors, of which sponsor numbers is but one. What’s ironic is that a principled decision by the IOC to eschew easy commercialisation now looks like the more effective commercial strategy in the long run. Continue reading

Global – Local Sponsorship Portfolios

As interest ramps up at the peak of the 4-year Olympic cycle, as well as the UEFA European championships year, there’s going to be a lot said and written about major global platforms; and with our new Olympic publication we’ll probably be as responsible as anyone. With all that going on, I’m keen to maintain a balance and address some of the broader issues facing sponsors beyond the major global flagship properties, and for that matter beyond sport. Continue reading