Sustainable sponsorship?

SportBusiness June 2011

Over the last decade, the world of sport sponsorship has slowly woken up to the relevance of Corporate Responsibility. In the corporate world, I really don’t know who could lay greater claim to pioneering than Laureus, who launched in 2000 with a uniquely clear proposition to link sport and CR. And only in the last five years have sport and CSR begun to become mainstream, with ‘grassroots’ sponsorship components now (thankfully) almost mandatory.

But whilst the proponents of community sport have long understood the additional reach and relevance offered by grassroots engagement, corporate reaction to community or CR-led activity is far from consistent. Some businesses, such as Puma or Timberland, manage to leverage corporate values effortlessly into consumer-facing activity. Other brands, most brands actually – struggle

Over the last three months, Redmandarin has been conducting research into the relationship between CR and marketing. We have interviewed over 50 directors or heads of CR and sustainability for, generally, global businesses and we’re just embarking on quant, online.
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