Little Dudes

Each year, a rocketful of blank Little dudes come from Dudeland on a mission to bring love, generosity, and a little joy to earth.

When the dudes arrive, like little blank canvasses, fresh from the serene Dudeland, people around the world are invited to parent each of them, preparing them for their mission on earth.

The Little dudes are like children: little sponges, absorbing all of the joy, creativity and love that is shared with them. So during the time with their parents they develop their own unique character and personality. The results are quite extraordinary!

Eventually the time comes, when each of the Little dudes is sent to reunite with its buddies, in a Grand Reunion party.

At the party, each dude is put up for adoption in a charity Auction, raising funds for less fortunate little beings.

Redmandarin is working with Little dudes to help grow the project beyond it’s first two missions, and to spread the joy, creativity, love, generosity and unity further – with additional international activity and support from our partners and friends.

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